Kids Uncomplicated

Kids Uncomplicated was founded on the belief that a small group of passionate and committed citizens could make a remarkable change in the world. Through passion and positive intention, we continue to develop innovative practices, most recently TELEROOTM Tech Tools, to increase access to services and support for families of children with disabilities. We thrive on seeing families free up their time and grow to live healthier, more balanced lives that reserve time for themselves, spouses, siblings, family and friends, along with time for their children.

In the upcoming months and years, the focus of Kids Uncomplicated will be to continue to innovate and expand. Our goals are to bring our philosophy of service and TELEROOTM Tech Tools to communities across Alberta, the rest of Canada, the United States, and the world. This expansion will include developing new community partnerships and exploring new applications for TELEROOTM Tech Tools within and across Ministries and Jurisdictions in order to simplify and uncomplicate services for families.

The dedication, passion, and creativity to provide real strategies for real families continue to inspire me and our teams to move forward in achieving these goals.

-Robyn Henderson R.SLP,
Founder and Owner

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” - Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi (1869-1948)